About Stahl

In the end, a successfully completed project is one that feels comfortable, not decorated.

– Karli Stahl

Our Vision

Our focus is on building and renovating to the highest professional degree, and finishing with luxurious details to match the uniquely important stories of each home we take on. We want each Stahl home to inspire not only the homeowner, but also our employees and the local community at large.

Where We Work

Most Stahl projects originate in Nantucket and Rochester, the two places the Stahl family calls home. Our team is open to discussing projects in New England to Colorado and places in between.

Our Story

Stahl Group is a home building and design firm that spans three generations: Chip Stahl, his sister Kim Stahl Bailey, their father, Gary Stahl, and Kim’s son, Will Bailey. Since 1995, our family and our team of skilled craftsmen have meticulously renovated, designed, and built one-of-a-kind homes. We pour our full passion into each project we take on, and the end result is a home that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We work with local community leaders to preserve the foundation and culture of our rare historic projects while updating each home with design details that are innovative – and timeless. The relationships we build and the aesthetic quality of our homes are the bedrock of our reputation as industry leaders.   

The foundations of our family-run company are:

  • Impeccable end-to-end program design and implementation
  • Intentional leadership involvement and education
  • Enthusiastic team empowerment and trust
  • Positive embrace of local community support and regulations


kim@stahlgroupinc.com (Rochester)

chip@stahlgroupinc.com (Nantucket)


P.O. Box 2516
Nantucket, MA 02564

Remembering Karli Stahl

Stahl Property Associates would not be where it is today without Karli, who passed away in 2022 from cancer.

Alongside her high school sweetheart and husband of 23 years, Chip Stahl, they beautified the design, construction, and décor of homes in their native Rochester, NY and for the last 12 years, Nantucket Island. Her keen eye for uniquely coastal design and thoughtful execution helped develop Stahl’s reputation as one of the finest for interior design in the United States.

Despite many impressive personal and professional achievements, Karli’s greatest pride was her daughters, Evelyn June Stahl and Georgia Grace Stahl. She loved them fiercely and taught by example how to live with an open heart, always remain humble, forgive readily and be present in the moment. For anyone who experienced the pleasure of her company, Karli’s humor, and positivity in the face of mortal adversity was an act of unrivaled courage to observe.